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The ACMA PTO Board is made up of passionate parents who work hard to assist
in the smooth running of our school.


  • Jami Curl - President
  • Kerry Gelhar - VP Communications
  • Courtney Cronk - VP Operations
  • Jenny Anderson - Secretary
  • Jesse Crowell - Treasurer
  • Kathy Leis - Fundraising
  • Lorien Tenney - Member 1 at Large
  • Seona Zimmermann - Member 2 at Large
  • Carrie Salehiamin - Member 3 at Large
  • Marielle Salehiamin - Student at Large


ACMA's PTO provides funding for in-classroom teacher support, classroom
equipment, artist in residence, field trips, student summer scholarships,
and much more.The funding is supported by money raised through direct
donations and fundraising.

Who does the PTO support?