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Beaverton Schools


Attending class is the single most important factor in a student's academic success. Please make every effort to help your student arrive to school on time and attend all their classes.


Student Drawing of ACMA Student

When a student is absent the entire day:

  • Call ACMA Main Line at 503-356-­3670 and follow the prompts:
    • Press 1 for English; Press 2 for Spanish
    • Press 1 for Attendance
    • Press 1 to leave message
    • Press 2 if you would like to speak with attendance secretary.
  • Have the following information to report:
    • Student's first and last name
    • Student's ID number
    • Your name (and relationship to student)
    • Daytime phone number
    • Reason for the absence
  • An absence must be reported within 48 hours in order for it to be excused.
  • If a student will be absent for more than 2 days, you may request homework by sending an email to the teachers or calling the attendance line. Teachers are given at least 24 hours to prepare homework.


When a student arrives late to school:

  • Have the student check in at the attendance window near the Main Office. Have their student ID ready to check in.
  • Call the Main Office to excuse the tardy or
  • Send a note with the student (from a parent or guardian) or
  • A parent may accompany the student to check in.  


When a student is leaving school early:

  • Email
    • State Students Name
    • Date they can leave early
    • Time they can sign themselves out
    • How the student is leaving (walk, drive, TriMet, etc)
  • or Send a note with the student to bring to the attendance desk  that morning.
  • Parents should meet their student at the attendance desk to sign them out.  Have parent ID ready.


When a student is returning from an appointment:

  • Students should check back in at the attendance desk before going to class. It is not necessary for a parent to sign their student back in.


When a student feels too sick for class:

  • Students who become ill during the day should report to the Health Room in the MAIN OFFICE.  If they do not feel well enough to return to class within 10-­‐15 minutes, we will call an authorized adult to pick them up.