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Forecasting Information

Forecasting is an important part of the scheduling process. It is essential that students choose carefully and forecast accurately; a student's choices determine their schedule for the forecast year. Read course descriptions carefully and take courses consistent with your chosen Art Pathway Endorsement and/or areas of interest. Discuss your choices with parents, teachers and counselors.  Complete and submit the forecasting cards promptly and legibly. If you have any questions, please ask.

Careful course selections during the forecasting process make schedule changes unnecessary. The only exceptions for schedule changes are:

  • Missing a class period on your schedule
  • Incorrect course level assignment
  • Need to repeat a failed course required for graduation
  • Course required for graduation

Students are expected to complete any course, required or elective, in which they are enrolled.  If you select a year-long course you are committing to remain in that course for the entire year. Schedule changes (for the reasons above) will only be made during the first two weeks of the term. Schedules are not changed for teacher or lunch preference. Any course dropped after the first two weeks of any term will be recorded on a student's transcript as "WN" and is reflected on your transcript.


ACMA Art Pathway Endorsements

Pathway Endorsements are earned through work completed during high school.  You must meet all graduation requirements and the requirements listed below in your chosen pathway to earn your endorsement.

Plan your course selections using our 4- year planning tool (found on our Course Sequence Planning Tools page) and a current copy of your student transcript (found in StudentVue under Course History) to ensure you meet the requirements for your Pathway Endorsement.

Communication Arts

Performing Arts

Visual Arts