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     Welcome to ACMO, Arts & Communication Magnet Online…  Well, we’re still ACMA, just a little different this year.


The start of the 2020-2021 school year has challenged our school. Performing arts are fundamental to who we are, and our stage is empty. Sculpture and ceramics are sometimes the reason a student chose to come to ACMA, and our pottery wheels are still. Jazz, Orchestra, and Choir fill our school with music, and the hallways at our temporary home of Timberland are quiet. And...

     ACMA is a special place, and for those of us who get to spend time here every day (and in the fall of 2020 by “here” I mean the ragtag collection of kitchen tables, couches, and anime decorated bedrooms) ACMA is a transformational place. It’s here that we learn, create, and embrace being a little different. This year that engagement has been through computer screens and has involved a level of creativity and willingness to try something different unprecedented at ACMA. To meet this challenge we’ve stepped up our communication, embraced technology, and found new ways to connect, create, and collaborate.

     The image of “Human ACMA” on the right, a character created by a student a couple of years ago, simply put on a


rainbow mask and has marshaled forward, inviting all of us to be flexible. Sometimes this is frustrating, but we can do it.

     Because while ACMA in 2020-2021 looks different than it has before, change has always been a part of our school. From shaggy beginnings in the early 1990s, through expansion to add more performing arts in the late 1990s, the addition of middle schoolers, and a growth to close to 700 students, ACMA has maintained a center of creativity, acceptance, and energy whether in the original CE Mason Elementary building, in our temporary home at Timberland, and looking ahead to returning to our new campus on Center Street.

     That ACMA spirit is inherently one of relationship building. These meaningful connections manifest themselves in a high graduation rate (100% in 2020) and based on the surveys we do every year, students who report that they feel safe, valued, and have adults they can trust and talk with. We have work to do, but that work will be built on a solid foundation.

     One major focus for ACMA in 2020-2021 is our work on Anti-Racism. This will be in the forefront of our professional development, from our preservice work, in collaboration every month,and during the professional development days we have throughout the year. It will also extend to our students, including the expansion of our ACMA Student Equity Team, a collection of students from our various groups such as our Black Diamond Club, who meet regularly to discuss race and equity at our school, plan events, and inform decisions around how we as a school can move forward honoring, supporting, and celebrating every student.

     In addition, we use our Ohanas, small grade level groups of students who stay together from 6th grade through graduation, to promote community, address major challenges (including social emotional health), and engage in meaningful work around ABAR.

     All of this is taking place this school year against the backdrop of the pandemic and in the context of comprehensive distance learning. Both are causing many of our students, families, and staff great stress, and we continue to find ways to support one another and weather this storm together.

     What this year will look like in a quarter, or a month, or maybe even a week is still a question mark; we know that change is the water in which we swim. This being so, at ACMA we are doing our best to embrace what ACMA alum and professional artist Peter Han told our National Arts Honor Society when he came to speak to them about building a life in the arts: “The key word is adaptation” We’re adapting, artistically.

Date of Last Revision: December 3, 2020

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