New to ACMA?

Welcome! All will be well. Making the transition to a new school often brings a mixture of anticipation, anxiousness, and excitement. Coming to ACMA (as great as it is) is no different, and we recognize that even though the school you’re coming to is a pretty magical place, it’s new to you, and to help you make the transition we want to provide as much information and perspective as we can. There is a lot here, so take your time, browse a bit, dip in to the topics you’d like to learn more about. If you still have questions, send us an email or give us a call. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and as informed as you can be as you begin your ACMA adventure. We’re so happy you’re joining our school family, your school family, ACMA.
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Starting the year at ACMA

ACMA Day - August 19th

ACMA Day 2019 is on August 19th from 7:30am - 4:30pm. It is the day when families can take care of the business of picking up schedules, paying fees and fines, getting yearbook and ID photos, and more. Students have an opportunity to come to campus between 7:30 and 4:30 and will go through a series of stations. 


This year ACMA Day will begin at the northeast corner of the new building, where students and families will enter and go to check in. We will confirm that you have completed your Online Verification. If you have not, no worries, we will have computers set up and staff to help you complete this process. After that, you’ll be able to buy a yearbook, pay any class fees, and take care of other business office matters; next, you will pick up a tentative class schedule, knowing that we’re still fine tuning things to ensure classes are as balanced in size as they can be, so while most things will remain the same there is a chance for some adjustment before Back to School Night; then you’ll be able to check out your Chromebook and have your school and yearbook photo taken.


What if I am not able to attend ACMA day?

If you are not able to attend ACMA Day, don’t worry. You will still have an opportunity to complete the business at Back to School Night or the first week of school.  Picture retakes are scheduled for Monday, October 7th.


Back to School Night (...and is it really before school begins?)

Yes. At ACMA Back to School Night occurs on Thursday August 29th at 6:30pm. This gives students and parents a chance to go together to all the student’s classes, meet teachers, and get a sense of the school. In addition, our PTO provides a half hour ice cream social before BTSN begins where families can chat and learn more about parent groups at ACMA.


Connecting with new peers

New to a new school, one of the biggest questions is how to get to know other kids. While there is no one blueprint, good advice is to get involved, say hello, and be open to conversation. You will find many of the students at ACMA to be really friendly. You will also have a few great opportunities to get familiar and more comfortable before the “real” first day of school.


On August 19, during ACMA Day, you and lots of ACMA students will be on campus. You may see some friendly faces then, and can ask questions of current ACMA students who will be giving campus tours. 


On August 29 we have Back to School Night, a time when you can go to all of your classes, spot familiar faces, and get more comfortable at your new school.


September 3 is a great day to make connections. All students new to ACMA will come to school, meeting together, doing some get to know you activities, spending time with current ACMA students who are volunteering to welcome new students, and go to all of your classes a second time. [a bit on that first day]


September 4 school begins for everyone, and we’ll all have opportunities that first week to get to know each other, laugh, and welcome everyone to our new campus (and heck, it’s a new campus for everyone, so you are not alone!).

Do I need specific school supplies?

The 2019-2020 School Supply List is located on our school website: ACMA School Supply List

When can I pick up my class schedule?

You can pick up a tentative schedule at ACMA Day (Aug 19th) and find a final schedule online through ParentVue or StudentVue before Back to School Night (the Thursday before school begins).

Which Office Should I Visit?

ACMA has two offices. Go to the Main Office to see the Principal or Asst. Principal, conduct a financial transaction, lost and found, make an announcement, all attendance issues, if you are sick or picking up a sick child, student medications, deposits into a student's lunch account, inquire about community facility use and for general school information. Visit the Counseling Office for, transcripts and academic records, college and career planning, or to speak with a counselor. NOTE: All visitors must check in at the Main Office.

How do we, as a family, stay informed?

The best way to keep abreast of what's going on is to read our electronic newsletter in Announcements, Hello from ACMA. Through this communication, we attempt to convey key information about topics and events that are of importance to the entire school community.

Is it an open campus at lunch?

No. Just no. For safety’s sake all students are required to stay on campus for the duration of the school day.

Can students use cell phones?

Yes, and… ACMA has a cell phone policy that reads:


As a school community, we are deeply committed to learning and the arts. Fundamental to student and staff learning is the integrity of classroom instruction. In an effort to promote smart and appropriate use of technology, our cell phone policy at ACMA will be off and away unless otherwise instructed by your current classroom teacher or supervising adult.


Additionally, when a cell phone is in use for academic purposes, students WILL NOT: 

  • Answer an incoming text message, phone call or notification including those from parents. 
  • Be on any social media site (Google Hangouts, Instagram, Snapchat, etc...) 
  • Access or play any game or access any entertainment site on their device.
  • Access or use any application (app) on their device unless expressly instructed to by the instructor.
  • Take any picture or video without the express permission of instructor. 
  • Upload any picture or video taken in any class to any social media site or website. 
  • Text message or email any picture or video taken in class to any person, including themselves.
  • Access any type of mobile web browsing for any reason unless directed by the instructor. 
  • Take any picture, video or text any class assignments or assessments without permission. 
  • Earbuds/headphones will be off and away unless permission has been given by your current classroom teacher.

Note: Due to the evolving nature of emerging technologies, additional rules and policies may be added throughout the school year. 



  • Staff members reserve the right to confiscate students’ cell phones.
  • Cell phones may be confiscated and given to administration if a student has multiple offenses or is being defiant about their cell phone. 
  • Staff members reserve the right to request an intervention meeting with the student, their parent, a teacher, administrator and or counselor if the student has multiple cell phone offenses.


Parents, your students will not have access to their cell phone during class hours to check and respond to your messages. Students may check their messages during lunch, breaks, and passing time. If you have an emergency and need to immediately get ahold of your student please contact the office.

Why Am I Asked to Pay Fees?

District funding allocations cover our basic instructional costs. However, arts programs are expensive due to the very nature of the work. They require purchases of consumable materials, specialized equipment and maintenance, costuming etc. Assessed course fees assist with these costs. The assessment of fees may pose a financial hardship for some families. We have a confidential process that is easily accessible to assist, as needed. Contact the Main Office for fee assistance.

Do students get Chromebooks?

Yes. Students can pick up their Chromebook at ACMA Day (Aug 19th) or on the first day of school. Please read the District policies for your students Chromebook. BSD Chromebook Policy

ACMA Oddities

What’s the deal with these pictures of murals?

Watercolor Painting "Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way"

Since ACMA opened in 1992 student artwork has been an integral part of our little art school. This exuberance of art manifested itself on the plaster walls of our original campus (in the CE Mason Elementary School building). When that building was demolished in the summer of 2019 there was no way to save the original murals, but we took high resolution photographs of the paintings and put them on the posters you see around campus.

Do we have a mascot?

Proudly, nope. As a collection of artists, divergent thinkers, and wildly creative souls, limiting ourselves to one mascot seems somehow out of character (Go ACMA Unicorns?). There are those who would love a mascot (Llamas, Mona Lisas, and Van Gogh-fers have all been suggested), and for them there is absolutely no rule that says they can’t make their own t-shirts! Officially, however, we’re just ACMA!


Do we have assemblies?

We do, though they often look a little different from the “pep rallies” you see at more traditional schools. At ACMA we have monthly assemblies (during our Senior Capstone Lunches) during which students might hear from a specific artistic discipline, watch a student film, or get information on wellness or safety. In addition, we have visits from guest artists throughout the year (such as dancers from China, touring classical musicians, or professional storytellers).


Silly photos?

While the student photos that appear on ID cards are pretty traditional, students have the option to take silly photos for the yearbook. These range from simply slipping on a wacky hat or oversized glasses provided by our yearbook editors, or bringing in something more ...creative to pose in or with. This marvelous ACMA tradition is a fun example of the playful personality of our school.